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I’m surprised I even remembered my WordPress username and password. Fast forward from my last blog forever ago, then there was Launch, yadda yadda yadda…Tomorrow I am having a yard sale to help raise money for the National MS Society. I will be biking in the Bike MS: Waves to Wine 2012 event and have a personal fundraising goal of $500.

Bike MS: Waves to Wine Ride funds innovative programs & services, and critical research focused on stopping the progression of MS, restoring function that’s been lost, and ending MS forever.

Here are some of the goods – lots of vintage and almost unused clothing for rock bottom prices. There’s a purple track jacket – COME ON!

TEXT ME AT 916-622-2942 for ADDRESS – I’m in East Sacramento.


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Saturday Adventures in Sacramento

Saturdays are a good day for me to wander around Sacramento at a leisurely pace. First my boyfriend made an amazing breakfast – eggs, country gravy, biscuits, french toast sticks, fresh whipped creme and a green tea chai latte. After a couple rounds of eating, I went to drop off my dry cleaning and decided (unplanned) to go into Summer Porch. The vintage outdoor furniture had caught my eye but the real jewels were inside.

I found a lot of shoes hiding away and snagged some comfy vintage Famolare wave wedges.

Always looking for adjustable or tiny vintage rings and found two and a vintage necklace.

Then I went happily off to Facials by Noelle. She uses an all organic skin care line, Eminence. Everything smells delicious including the daily moisturizer with SPF, which has just a hint of vanilla.

Next off to Hi-Fashion Fabrics to get fabric to make some vintage-patterned wide leg pants. I hope this place never goes out of business because it is the only fabric shop that sells a good amount of usable fabric for cloths – the other shops are all chains that carry mostly broadcloth for quilters. I also picked up fabric and notions for a spring-time apron. The base will be a lilac chiffon with a smaller overlay apron in white cotton with an eyelet trim. Anyways it’s an experiment in making the most fabulous Easter hostess apron that’s ever been seen. Not trying to hype it up or anything.

No perfect day would be complete unless La Garnacha is involved. The burrito has already provided two meals and will be providing a third very soon.

Then off to a wine party where Cory made the tinyest taco in the entire world. I got to wear my new Charlotte Ronson dress with my Kenneth Jay Lane gold hammered earrings – all Gilt-y purchases and my favorite vintage taupe heels.  The fave drink of the women that night was Allure, pink sparkling wine.  Yum.

All in all a good day.

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Quick fixes on a huge pile of alterations

Just taking liberties with my sewing machine this week to do some minor alterations. I do not claim to be an expert in any sense but I can show you a couple of ways to fix things based on my good and bad experiences.

1. Unraveling sweater at cuff

What I’ve done wrong before: Uhhh wear it despite the fact that it’s falling apart – news flash … it just keeps unraveling.

How I fixed it: This is not a perfect fix – it’s a quick 15-minute fix and I think 99% of people would not notice you fixed it yourself. To fix an unraveling sweater at the cuff simply turn the sleeve inside out and pin to match the rest of the sleeve. Make sure the two pieces at the end of the sleeve match up – otherwise it will look janky (sorry I don’t know the technical term).

Get a stretch or other ball point needle – otherwise you risk cutting through the fibers rather than separating them. Match thread (a trick is to use light grey with most light fabrics), placement (most likely near the edge) and stitch length (typically shorter than default setting) with the existing stitches on the sweater. Notice my needle is moved all the way to the right – this allows me to use the right side of the presser foot as an edge guide. Also my presser foot is clear so you can easily see where your stitches are going.

Start at point of unraveling, back-stitch up the sleeve a couple of stitches, regular stitch to the end of the cuff, knot or back-stitch to finish. I have a Janome that does a knot at the end and I love it. [Insert rant on why “vintage sewing machines” are not necessarily all that]. Voila. No more angry cuff.

2.Tips on hemming up a skirt

What I’ve done wrong before: Cut the bottom of the skirt before sewing. My first instinct to hem a skirt is to cut off all that excess that I don’t want. Well I learned that if you do this it is very hard and time consuming to get the bottom of the skirt to be even all the way around – particularly if you are anal retentive like me.

How I fixed it: My mom sent me one of her cute vintage dresses and it fit perfectly it was just too long. I wanted to take off 5-6 inches. The absolute easiest thing to do is to use the existing hem as a guide.

Turn dress/skirt inside out. Do not cut anything. Pin edge of skirt up to the desired length – use the same length all the way around – in my case 5 inches. Iron the bottom of the skirt so there is a new bottom edge to work with. Remeasure and adjust as needed to make sure it is 5 inches pinned up all the way around. The ironing flattens the fabric and may change some of the measurements.

Baste – in other words – do a long fake stitch about an inch from the bottom so you can see what the new length will look like. If it looks good proceed to cutting and hemming – a rolled hem is nice. Now at least you have a good straight line to work with. Voila. Happy hem.

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New things and old things

New Things

Today I created some gifs online. There are tons of sites that will let you make gifs from photos for free but I found loogix was the best one so far as it maintains the quality of the photos and gives you the direct link and embed text without a lot of hassle. You do have to size down the photos first if they are larger images or it will take forever, or in my case just freeze up your computer.

I also set up Cory’s tripod and used the remote so you can look forward to some actual outfit shots! Still working on the backdrop.

Get that ball Moose!

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Old Things

Dad sent me one of mom’s vintage dresses AKA a “Mary Wade Original”. Fits perfect but I think I will hem the skirt up a little. OH AND it came with a belt and matching coat.  Why don’t they make things like they used to?

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The ole switcharoo

Tried a red, long-sleeved version of this dress on at Anthropologie that’s been out for a while. It was awesome. Saw this on Modcloth (it’s new to the site today) and contemplating getting one or the other. Same dress? Half the price. What up with that? I’m guessing the Modcloth version is a lighter weight fabric (you can see the light through the dress at the bottom of the Modcloth dress and the fabric is not clinging to the form as the Anthro one does).

Anthropologie – $178 – 48 inches long

Modcloth – $79.99 – 41.5-43 inches long depending on size


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The Little Pink Bottle

Wally: “Are you wearing Shalimar perfume?”

Eve: “Yes I am. You have a remarkable nose.”

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

You know when you’ve never heard of something before and then like three times in the same day you hear about this thing that’s been around forever? Yeah that happened to me. I saw Guerlain’s Shalimar Initial perfume on Karla’s Closet and Cocorosa while perusing fashion blogs. Then while watching See No Evil, Hear No Evil in a Nyquil haze, Shalimar came up again! Apparently the traditional version is so iconic that a blind man would know if you were wearing it. Now curiously I must find the new pink bottle and smell for myself.

Guerlain's Shalimar Initial

Not to be confused with disco-sensation Shalamar.

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Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s fur

I’m always amazed at the coats in the eBay store indiecultvintage. Lots of vintage and fur trim coats in every kind of style. They also do a great job with the photography and descriptions. The auctions usually end up at a price that is higher than seasoned thrifters are willing to pay ($300 and much higher) but it’s fun to look. I have a few real fur and faux fur vintage coats and I never paid over $30 – see them here! But enough about me, here are the latest stunners from indiecultvintage:

Vintage purple fox fur and velvet blazer on indiecultvintage

Vintage leopard faux fur and red wool cape coat on indiecultvintage

Vintage arctic fox fur collar and wool batwing coat on indiecultvintage

Vintage Lilli Ann arctic fox fur collar and green mohair swing coat on indiecultvintage

Vintage shearling and blue suede belted coat on indiecultvintage

Vintage mink fur coat on indiecultvintage

Vintage mink and red wool belted coat on indiecultvintage

Vintage red ostrich feather coat on indiecultvintage

Vintage Hudson Bay multi-color horizontal striped wool coat on indiecultvintage

Vintage spotted lynx and camel hair coat on indiecultvintage

{all photos from indiecultvintage}


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