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A sad day in fashion

Rest in Peace Lee Alexander McQueen

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Jelly bean necklace

Bought a vintage necklace from an affordable local resale shop Crimson and Clover in Sacramento. The color combination really caught my eye, baby blue, yellow, hot pink, brown and a single black one.  The owner Kara pointed out to me that some of the paler ones are actually faded. I think that gives it an interesting look and it will pretty much match any simple or color-blocked outfit. For $10 and no shipping it’s cheaper than buying on etsy or ebay.

Multi-Colored Vintage Necklace

Crimson and Clover Vintage & Handmade Boutique:

– From the Desk of Wade and Associates

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File under future experiments

Two pieces of black pleather +

a white thrifted scarf.

I’m just sayin…

Black Leather Dress – Celine Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Photo: Monica Feudi / via

– From the Desk of Wade and Associates

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I never imagined in a million years

that my first post would be about men’s shoes (and expensive men’s shoes at that) but I suppose our minds should always be open to the unexpected. I received a random email about Esquivel Shoes and instantly fell in love with them – the colors, the designs, the vintage and timeless aspect cobbled into each shoe. I consider myself to be thrifty with one exception – SHOES. My father is the same way. Growing up he always said to take care of your feet by buying nice shoes and I suppose I’m at that age when you realize that your father was right about a couple … some … many things. What other item of clothing has such a lasting impact on your body? Even now my arches ache from dancing too long in vintage slouch boots over the weekend. George Esquivel is quoted on his website as saying “there are no shortcuts to true luxury.” I don’t know if I fully agree, but for shoes I’ll concede. I was even more excited to discover that in just the past two years he has started selling women’s shoes as well. You can expect to see more women’s Oxford lace-up shoes in Spring 2010.

Men's Nude Artisan Oxford Shoes - Hand Stained Leather Lace-ups by Esquivel Shoes

Men’s Blue Artisan Oxford Shoes - Hand Stained Leather Lace-ups by Esquivel Shoes

Men’s and Women’s Tommy Oxford – Suede Lace-ups with Oiled Burnishing by Esquivel Shoes

Men's “The Boot” Brown Scabbed with Brown Sleeve by Esquivel Shoes

Women’s Oxford - Lace-ups with Stripe by Esquivel Shoes

Women's Monica Boot - Brown with Green Sleeve by Esquivel Shoes

Men's and Women's Battalion Hi Boot - Brown Pebble Grain or Suede by Esquivel Shoes

Photos from Esquivel Shoes website.

Esquivel Shoes are available for purchase at the following sites:

Esquivel Shoes

– From the Desk of Wade and Associates

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