Summer transition to fall

My new theory is that the worse weather gets in other parts of the country/world, the better it gets in Sacramento. The nights have been cool and we’ve stayed out of the triple digit temperatures more than usual. Whether it’s global warming or global cooling fall is just around the corner. For those of us with limited closet space, it’s almost time to do the bi-annual wardrobe change-up – when the summer frocks get stored to make way for the fur-collared sweaters. Here are some of my favorites from the August 2010 Anthropologie catalog to inspire for your fall transition.

Calderbrook Blouse

Terrace House Jacket in Orange, River Tyne Tee in Moss

Rushcliffe Cardigan

– From the Desk of Wade and Associates



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3 responses to “Summer transition to fall

  1. Andrea

    That orange jacket is to die for! I might need to look into that. Wonder if it comes in other colors..?

  2. April Fredrikson

    Wow defiantly agree about the jacket and the fur sweater oh my!

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