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Welcome Lulu Forever!!

My friend Sam told me that I had to check out this new vintage store near McKinley Park. Since then I’ve been in the area a couple of times for brunch at Orphan Breakfast House but sadly never found it open. I would just admire the delicate blouses in the window and go about my day wondering what was hidden in the little shop. Finally on Saturday I made it into the shop Lulu Forever which is located at 315 33rd Street in East Sacramento. The owner Marayah Plewe was running the shop and I was eager to ask her dozens of questions.

But of course first I had to look around the store as I get very anxious standing around vintage clothing for sale. My mind refuses to concentrate on anything other than if there is a one-of-a-kind piece in the perfect color and the perfect size – and within arm’s reach. Browsing the accessories was easy as the hats and purses are neatly displayed, each in mint condition. A collection of early 20th century coin purses hang on the wall, metal and beading connected intricately in a now lost form of craftsmanship. The store, Marayah says, is named after Louise Brooks (affectionately Lulu), a silent film actress you would probably recognize from her signature short black bob.

After trying on some items I decided to run home and see if I could reduce the damage with some trading. The store I noticed was primarily pre-70s classic styles (think Mad Men) such as beaded cashmere cardigans or cocktail party frocks and so I scurried home and grabbed some items I thought would be appropriate. I was lucky enough to make some trades including a plaid cape on eBay which turned out to be too large. My finds included a new plaid coat and two short sleeve knit sweaters.

The grand opening is November 13th from 6-8 p.m. and I’m told there will be cupcakes so hopefully more details to post about that soon.

Check out Lulu Forever on Facebook! The store hours are also listed there:



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How Bazaar

This Saturday I visited the Midtown Bazaar ( with my accomplice Stephanie. My expectations being unjustifiably high and reminiscent of the chase scene through the Agrabah market in Disney’s Aladdin. I had driven by the event in the warmer months when it was outdoors at 16th and J and it seemed to be quite lively. The Bazaar has since moved indoors with the entrance on I Street between 16th and 17th and seemed to be missing some of the panache I expected. I really think that Second Saturdays are much bigger but the Bazaar could find itself repeatedly struggling on other weekends indoors without some creative marketing to both vendor and customers. That’s just my honest opinion, and it’s not always sunshine and roses and pretty pink ponies.

I do applaud the fact that it’s happening regularly and we did find two diamonds in the rough – Time and Again Fashions and a Moroccan trader.

Time and Again Fashions ( is run by Nora Kniveton who also sells jewelry made from vintage brooches and other pieces under the name Transient Treasures ( Below is a photo of  Steph perusing Time and Again Fashions’  clothing rack. I purchased the beige pointelle-knit cardigan in the front with the scalloped edging.

Nora had a table of vintage clutches and purses in mint condition, more than one with a matching change purse inside.

Steph was a fan of the Moroccan trader. This photo shows his space which features some well-made bags made from leather and pieces of rugs. Now this looks like a Bazaar!

The Verdict – I’ll be back on a Second Saturday for a re-evaluation as I’m hoping to find some things locally for holiday gift giving.


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Butterfly Headband

I figured out that while I am up posting so late here it is actually 10:00 a.m. Paris time, thus another reason why I should live there someday.

Today I wore a handmade leather butterfly headband from Crimson & Clover boutique ( They have really affordable vintage clothing in Sacramento. I believe this headband is made by one of the owners Nicole of Flaming Hag Folkwear (

It reminds me of vintage leather hair barrettes that my mom gave me. Here is a detail shot:

Photo from Crimson & Clover Blog:

I’ll be visiting the store tomorrow to try to find a necklace for the Neo-Crocker event and excited to see what they have. The other owner Kara of Porkchop Rules ( makes beautiful necklaces from recycled charms. You’ll see some great examples on her blog.

-From the Late Night Desk of Wade and Associates


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Fall Vintage from Vintage YSJ

After making a delivery at then end of the work day I stopped over at Vintage YSJ. I always find really cute used and vintage clothes there and they give you really good deals on in-store trade when you sell back clothing. If you don’t live near Sacramento then check out their Etsy shop ( The owners Maggie and Mimi (mom and daughter team) are super sweet and Mimi is the brains behind the YSJ outfits from the Launch 2010 fashion show. Those photos will be up very soon, hopefully this weekend. But back to the business of vintage shopping … below are the finds today from their shop.

I am really excited about this pink hand-woven pull-over. On a chilly day over a long-sleeve black tee with a blue suede skirt and tights this will be perfect. It’s a little bigger than I would normally wear so I paired it with a vintage belt. I’m trying to play with proportions a little and have been wearing bigger, looser tops.


Pink pull-over, hand-woven by Anne Hickey - Vintage YSJ


This plaid collared shirt felt great. It’s just a little loose and will be fun to wear to work. I have it on the model again with the blue suede skirt (a $5 purchase from a Sacramento thrift store).


Genesis plaid red collared shirt - Vintage YSJ


This pink knit dress is something I would typically pick up and though I’m trying to branch out I tried it on anyways and obviously fell in love with it. You can see it below as it was purchased and then accessorized for Spring with a vintage necklace and belt. But before Spring comes Fall! To change it up I paired it with a grey vest, grey leather jacket and off-white scarf – all two to three year old items from H&M. The necklace is hard to see but it is a well-made statement piece from Express that gets a lot of compliments.


Plain and Spring Look - Vintage YSJ


Fall Look - Vintage YSJ

Wishing everyone a happy Friday.

-From the Late Night Desk of Wade and Associates



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Neo-Crocker 2010 A Modern Culture Party

Getting excited for Saturday’s Neo-Crocker Party.

The Crocker Art Museum has held the event since 2007 when construction of the 125,000 square foot addition began. Three years later we celebrate the opening of the new wing which was recently completed. Forget any notions of a stuffy socialite party, this one features fire dancers, body art, fashion and DJs. Local DJ Shaun Slaughter who is having success with his D.A.M.B.project will be making it bounce as usual and of course everyone is also excited about Rjd2!!

But more importantly, the question on everyone’s mind:

All I’m going to say is I have some blue, suede shoes in the mail which have gotten RAVE reviews.

Hoopla by Nine West in Midnight Blue - other colors available on

Here’s what my friend Andi wore at one of the previous parties so you know it’s a young, chic crowd. The back detail on the dress and the hat are killer – and what better place to pose then on this Vespa you know this one just sitting around in the middle of an art museum.

But did I mention this year I am really excited to see what my friends Nicole Kniss and Justin Johnson are cooking up for their fashion project Van Der Neer. They’ve released a teaser flyer on the theme Cartoon Candy.

I have some excellent photos from their work for the Launch event in July. I have to go write a couple paragraphs for a work report though so I must leave that for another night.

From the Late Night Desk of Wade and Associates


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Best of the Basics

At home I feel like no matter how many I buy I’m always looking for:

  • Chapstick
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Tape
  • Sketchbooks
  • Plain black cotton tank, t-shirt or long sleeve shirt
  • Plain white cotton tank, t-shirt or long sleeve shirt
  • Plain grey cotton tank, t-shirt or long sleeve shirt

I love basic shirts. They work under any vest, they make itchy sweaters wearable, they look great with a wild patterned or vintage skirt and they are pretty inexpensive. I have found though that not all are created equal.

Forever 21 – Cheapest price, hit or miss quality.

As you get older you start to buy things in bulk, including clothing. My first endeavor into buying multiple basics was Forever 21. I have to say that I still have one white camisole that has made it miraculously several years through dozens of permanent press loads and probably cost $3. However, I’ve had a handful that didn’t make it that far. In fact the last time that I went into Forever 21 (which was quite a while ago) I picked up a camisole and the stitching on the bottom was already coming out. I left determined to find basics somewhere else.

H&M – Cheap price, hit or miss quality.

I have several basic tanks and tees from H&M (all under $10 each) that have also made it through several washes. I like that they carry more stylish fits. Right now they are running a little looser which I like. I recently bought a plain white tee which is now coming undone on the bottom after one wash. Maybe there’s a 10% chance of failure here, not sure. I have the receipt from last month so I may try taking it back along with this bodycon dress that is too large and see what happens.

Target – Inexpensive, solid quality.

All of the Mossimo basics I’ve bought from Target have made quite a long haul. I’ve had no problems with the stitching. This weekend I stocked up and most were $10 or less, even without a sale. They have cute v-neck boyfriend pocket tees right now although for some reason they are not online.


Mossimo White Scoop Tank - $3.14 Target online



Mossimo V-neck Pocket Tee - $8 Target online



Mossimo V-neck Long Sleeve Tee - $7 Target online


Local stores – Higher cost, solid quality.

Your local boutiques (like Krazy Marys and Sugar Shack for Sacramento locals) typically carry basic tanks and tees. They are more expensive (over $20 and can be much more depending on brand) and a little trendier than you will get from Target. For example, bigger and longer t-shirts have been the trend and they are easier to find first at boutiques. Independent shop owners are very aware of the quality of the brands they carry and so typically the quality is very good.

Random other stores like Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Limited, etc. – Low cost on sale, solid quality.

I’ve had good luck picking up basics on sale from these kinds of stores. Anthropologie surprises me with the additional details even on basic items, like lace trim or buttons that I may not have even noticed online when ordering. I have a number of red camisoles from the Limited which were on sale for $1.99 which have proved more than worthy. So if you see a good deal don’t be afraid to spring for it – you’ll save money in the long run.

Take away lessons

Check the stitching – As we probably should always do – when shopping for basics always check the stitching on the bottom and inside of the shirt. Are long threads hanging out anywhere? That’s not good.

Try it on – I know they are basics but it really can help. For 100% cotton shirts buy the larger size this season and don’t feel bad about throwing it in the dryer. I was surprised to find out how tight the Mossimo long-sleeve V-neck tees were and had to buy two sizes higher than I would normally buy. Try before you buy!

Other colors?? – Olive green, khaki and heather blues/purples are looking really good to me right now though white, grey and black are my go-tos.

But tell me, what are your good/bad experiences with basics?


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Midnight Posts

Don’t know why but most of my creative ideas occur when I’m working or when I should be sleeping. The blog is taking a backseat to the busiest two weeks of work ever. Tonight I did update Google Reader with all the feeds from Sacramento fashion bloggers that I met at the first Sacramento Fashion Blogger meet-up that Bella of Citizen Rosebud organized at Crimson & Clover. Here’s a look at Google Reader and my computer desktop.

1 Google Reader – A website that aggregates RSS feeds. In non-nerd speak it’s a way to check all of your favorite blogs from one website. I’ve circled my folder of Sacramento Fashion blogs. Now every time someone in this list publishes a new post it will appear as an unread item (similar to unread mail). So instead of checking 13 websites I can just go to Google Reader and see any new posts.

2 Citizen Rosebud – There’s Bella. This is the part of Google Reader where the unread blog posts appear.

3 Desktop Cleanup – This folder is a black hole. We may never know what sorts of things have been dragged into this folder. Basically when the desktop gets cluttery I dump things in here that don’t belong in the other folders.

4 Receipts – When you buy something online or pay bills and that little nagging text on the screen tells you that you should print something out for your records … I save that stuff here as a pdf.

5 Wade and Associates – All draft blog posts, ideas and images for the fashion blog go here. There’s also a boutique business plan in there somewhere.

6 Flight of the Conchords – An essential DVD which is also good for playing in the background when you are blogging.

Well time for sleeping and waking up in about five hours…

-From the Desk of Wade and Associates


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