Neo-Crocker 2010 A Modern Culture Party

Getting excited for Saturday’s Neo-Crocker Party.

The Crocker Art Museum has held the event since 2007 when construction of the 125,000 square foot addition began. Three years later we celebrate the opening of the new wing which was recently completed. Forget any notions of a stuffy socialite party, this one features fire dancers, body art, fashion and DJs. Local DJ Shaun Slaughter who is having success with his D.A.M.B.project will be making it bounce as usual and of course everyone is also excited about Rjd2!!

But more importantly, the question on everyone’s mind:

All I’m going to say is I have some blue, suede shoes in the mail which have gotten RAVE reviews.

Hoopla by Nine West in Midnight Blue - other colors available on

Here’s what my friend Andi wore at one of the previous parties so you know it’s a young, chic crowd. The back detail on the dress and the hat are killer – and what better place to pose then on this Vespa you know this one just sitting around in the middle of an art museum.

But did I mention this year I am really excited to see what my friends Nicole Kniss and Justin Johnson are cooking up for their fashion project Van Der Neer. They’ve released a teaser flyer on the theme Cartoon Candy.

I have some excellent photos from their work for the Launch event in July. I have to go write a couple paragraphs for a work report though so I must leave that for another night.

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4 responses to “Neo-Crocker 2010 A Modern Culture Party

  1. I sooooo want to go to this event, it looks like a bit of fun….but the $75 tickets are too steep for my beer budget, boo.

    I hope you get to take lots of great pictures and post them so I can see what I missed!

  2. Your a doll! Can’t wait to party with you!

  3. yeah, I want go to there! But… sigh, no monies.

  4. The pink-blonde hair is so cool!

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