Beautiful, Bella

A much overdo post and Bella is so nice that she hasn’t even bothered me about it 🙂 Bella (as I call her) or Citizen Rosebud or RQ is a woman of many talents and many names. She is a muse for the community and contributes to Midtown Monthly’s website regularly. She is also the brains behind the Sacramento Fashion Bloggers meet-up which is a buzz about town. You can read an article HERE written by group member Melody Stone of It’s All Happening.

She was kind enough to feature me in two blog posts:

One on her blog the Citizen Rosebud. I encourage you to go look around the site, especially at her own outfit posts because I admire the way she mixes and matches items.

The other post is on her blog Street Style Sacramento with her partner in crime Kerry Dolan of Fashion, Farms and Freedom.

I’ve been really excited about this blog because I love seeing what other Sacramentans are wearing.

And here is the Bella herself:

Love those shades lady.



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2 responses to “Beautiful, Bella

  1. Awwww. You are awesome. ; )

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