Party Dressing Part I

It started out as a simple enough task – find a dress for under $100 for New Year’s Eve. After perusing the Internet between holiday layovers and food comas for several days I decided to abandon this quest and look for inspiration in separates at any cost.

[A GIANT, INTENTIONAL SIDE NOTE which can be skipped at your discretion.

If you are looking for a Herve Leger body con bandage dress you will have no problem finding a copy under $100. I saw several but my conscience (yes I do have one!) won’t allow me to post any here (because that trend is over). But if you’ve been doing Cross-fit/Zumba/whatever for months and are attending a party where you’ll have to see your ex and his new girlfriend/fiancée/whatever then MORE POWER TO YOU – go buy one immediately and smoke up the room.

Now is the time when I could go a rant about how ridiculously short dresses are in general and how little companies think about the needs of a woman in her 20s or older who is trying to maintain a professional yet exceedingly stylish lifestyle at a decent price. I just want the option, nay the freedom, to choose to cover my behind. But I DIGRESS…]

You become painfully aware of how slow fashion trickles down from the runway. The full, calf-length or midi skirts that walked Louis Vuitton and Prada runways in the Fall 2010 collections were mesmerizing but apparently not enough so for anyone other than fashion-forward Topshop to try.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

From this inspiration I crafted two looks which I suppose I will endeavor to find in the long term in thrift stores and sale alerts but I’m not optimistic about making the New Years deadline.

Look #1

This look:

Top – Urban Outfitters, Pins and Needles Scalloped Lace Piped Tank Top, $39

Skirt – Topshop, Premium Leather Skirt in light grey, $250

Gloves – Diane von Furstenburg, Windsor Lace Gloves, $120

Shoes – Jessica Simpson, Kendale Pump, $79

Look #2

This look:

Top – Dolce & Gabbana, Flannel and Lace Bustier, $663

Skirt – Topshop, Rust Calf Length Cupro Skirt, $100

Glasses – Jason Wu, Viola Spectacles, $278

Necklace – Juicy Couture, After Hours Multi Chain Floral Torsade Necklace, $90

Purse – Chloé, Aurore leather duffle bag, $1,800

Merry Christmas!

– From the Desk of Wade and Associates



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2 responses to “Party Dressing Part I

  1. Happy Xmas, dear Wade and Associate!
    Oh, you in your holiday layovers and food comas have touched upon a point that merits it own blog post: why the dresses are so short that you seriously can’t expect to be wearing them without tights, or bloomers, or jeans. I thought it was modest 45 year old me, but you are right a woman any age and thigh-tone should be concerned that panty-glimpsing hemlines do not dignity make.

    Your dress choice are lovely, and your point of wonderment why the critically acclaimed dresses of the Mad-Menned/New Looked dresses of Louis Vuitton AND Prada did not show up en masse in the malls. Because I am confident women would have been buying them.

    The maxi trend which is being embraced as we speak by the fashion forward is a grass roots effort towards modesty, and I bet by spring will show up, but not as an elegant homage to early Dior, but some hippie redux of Easy Rider, mark my dry-erasable words.

    But I do digress. And hope you find a lovely frock befitting your elegance and dignity by ball-drop of 2011.

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