Maternity Mamma

Meet Ashley, my super cute co-worker. Would you believe she is 7 months pregnant? She is working the glow with a black knit dress, printed scarf and brown suede boots outside of our Sacramento office.

Ashley humoring me

One of my new favorite things to do is wear brown boots with black stockings. For some reason (now unknown) I used to avoid mixing brown and black – but now I realize that they are just two colors and it creates a timeless, almost vintage look. If this is something you want to try you can mix in accessories which have both colors, similar to Ashley’s scarf.

Let’s give it up for hot maternity mammas!



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4 responses to “Maternity Mamma

  1. Wow, that baby bump is camouflaged! I’m a big fan of black and brown together — cognac specifically.

  2. erin (aka bows & sparrows)

    She looks great! Oh, and I totally used to hate black and brown together but have recently become a HUGE fan.

  3. haha, Hi Jen, i was just on the Launch site and saw wade and associates as a sponsor, and was like is that Jen? yes… yes it is. i almost thought your site was going to be a law firm cuz of the name. anyway, i love how you said ‘working the glow’ on this post hahaha.

  4. Me too on the not wearing brown and black and now doing it all the time! This pic makes me want fall back right now so I can bust out my boots.

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