Excuses, excuses!!!

The thing about bloggers is that every once in a while they should blog. I’m not really a blogger. I’m a personal stylist with one client (myself) who occasionally blogs. I also have a short attention span. Those are my excuses anyways. I’ve been playing a bit with other hobbies including Pinterest and sewing.


Gals pinboard on Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard for images. Most of the users on Pinterest are women. It can provide particularly good inspiration if you are planning any sort of event or decorating your home. It’s also a good place to browse if you like fashion or are just plain crafty. The only drawback that I have determined is that I realize the love of turqoise/teal is TOTALLY MAINSTREAM and that I’ll have to find a new favorite color of the moment. I’m thinking yellow or maybe green. Anyways my Pinterest board for women’s fashion is located here: http://pinterest.com/wadeandassoc/gals/


Very Easy Vogue Patter V8647 in progress

Very Easy Vogue V8647 Misses' Dress pattern cover illustration

I’ve been taking sewing classes at Meissner’s since April and have finished a couple of projects. I am ALMOST done with my first dress. It’s a Vogue pattern – a simple jersey dress. My teacher thinks it is too tight (note that my boyfriend thinks it is not tight enough)
and I can tell that we are going to have some disagreements on fit . She doesn’t even know I’m cutting 4-5 inches off the bottom. Kids these days!

From the Late Night Desk of Wade and Associates



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2 responses to “Excuses, excuses!!!

  1. Good to see you are keeping yourself busy.
    Teal rocks. Do not give it up. It looks phenom on you.

  2. I know what you mean about blogging. I have a hard time even writing a comment…I can’t say “how cute and you look great” all the time…. I like the dress Jeresy is so easy to sew. It looks great on you and it could be a tad tighter:)

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