Sacramento Fashion Blogger Meet-up October 2011

Yesterday some of the Sacramento fashion bloggers met up to talk about our growing group and upcoming events. Can you believe there are 53 of us on Facebook?!? It’s nice to see so many different personalities and styles present. Of course I love to see how each person’s style is reflected in their shoes. The shoes of each blogger are shown below and the photo links to their website, so pick a pair and explore!

In case you were curious here are mine: My most favorite booties, freshly repaired, with grey tights.

and now for the bloggers!

1. Allison of My Matryoshka Life {}

2. Skylar Mundy of Let It Reign {}

3. Bella of The Citizen Rosebud {}

4. Vivie of Bathroom Conversations {}

5. Loressa of L on Sac {}

6. Kari of Juniper James {}

7. Lindsay Rickman, Fashion Designer Extraordinaire

Unfortunately I did not get a photo of Mary’s shoes before she left so this is a photo from her blog plus a pumpkin! Happy Halloween!

8. Mary of Mary Van Notes {}



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5 responses to “Sacramento Fashion Blogger Meet-up October 2011

  1. awesome post- I love everybody’s feet!

  2. Super cute! I like how you focused on everyone’s shoes. They do show such personality!

  3. I wanted to be there soooo bad, but it was the mom-in-law’s birthday dinner that eve! Count me in for the next one… and everyone;’s shoes are super faboosh… is it tights season already?! yay!

  4. Vivie | Staff Writer

    I love this idea! Super creative, Jen!

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