Second Sunday at Fringe

Where can you get a pair of gold-heeled Nine West pumps for under $10? Worn only once for a “girl from Robert Palmer video” costume. My inability to walk in high heels is your gain.

Gold-heeled Nine West pumps

Next Sunday (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) I’ll be selling some clothing in the Fringe parking lot with other bloggers and vendors. Here’s a sampling of some things from my closet that are making an appearance. Better come by and snag them! Lots of vintage and a nice little $1 box.

Vintage, vintage, vintage!

Vintage blouse

H&M dress and vintage gold belt

H&M navy blazer

From my boho days

Vintage purple track jacket - you need this

Vintage Bruno Maglis

H&M polka dot scarf and vintage black heels

and more! I’m sure I’ll have parted with more by the end of the week, maybe…

– From the late night desk of Wade & Associates



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5 responses to “Second Sunday at Fringe

  1. I will be there too! I am hoping we will all sell some goodies and make some blogger/fashion friends in the process. (Pray for good weather!)

  2. Good stuff! I’m going through my stuff this week too.

  3. OOH! Love that turquoise sweater!!!! I’ll be there at 10am to shop to spend that $3 for admission to the other sale with you girls! 🙂

  4. I’ll be shopping your closet for sure!

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