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New things and old things

New Things

Today I created some gifs online. There are tons of sites that will let you make gifs from photos for free but I found loogix was the best one so far as it maintains the quality of the photos and gives you the direct link and embed text without a lot of hassle. You do have to size down the photos first if they are larger images or it will take forever, or in my case just freeze up your computer.

I also set up Cory’s tripod and used the remote so you can look forward to some actual outfit shots! Still working on the backdrop.

Get that ball Moose!

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Old Things

Dad sent me one of mom’s vintage dresses AKA a “Mary Wade Original”. Fits perfect but I think I will hem the skirt up a little. OH AND it came with a belt and matching coat. ¬†Why don’t they make things like they used to?

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The ole switcharoo

Tried a red, long-sleeved version of this dress on at Anthropologie that’s been out for a while. It was awesome. Saw this on Modcloth (it’s new to the site today) and contemplating getting one or the other. Same dress? Half the price. What up with that? I’m guessing the Modcloth version is a lighter weight fabric (you can see the light through the dress at the bottom of the Modcloth dress and the fabric is not clinging to the form as the Anthro one does).

Anthropologie – $178 – 48 inches long

Modcloth – $79.99 – 41.5-43 inches long depending on size


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The Little Pink Bottle

Wally: “Are you wearing Shalimar perfume?”

Eve: “Yes I am. You have a remarkable nose.”

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

You know when you’ve never heard of something before and then like three times in the same day you hear about this thing that’s been around forever? Yeah that happened to me. I saw Guerlain’s Shalimar Initial perfume on Karla’s Closet and Cocorosa while perusing fashion blogs. Then while watching See No Evil, Hear No Evil in a Nyquil haze, Shalimar came up again! Apparently the traditional version is so iconic that a blind man would know if you were wearing it. Now curiously I must find the new pink bottle and smell for myself.

Guerlain's Shalimar Initial

Not to be confused with disco-sensation Shalamar.

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