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How to Throw a Mad Men Party

1. Set the mood. Stock up on booze and cigarettes. Even if you don’t drink or smoke – just hold a glass and feign the life of a hard-drinking, chain-smoking ad executive.

2. Make the guest list. Find a group of people who like to play dress up.

3. Dress the part dudes. Men, almost any form of dressing up will do. If you decide to think about your outfit for more than 5 seconds try Google.

4. Dress the part ladies with 50s and 60s style cocktail dresses (um I know Mad Men is in the 60s but not a lot of people can tell the difference, just don’t wear a skirt with a poodle on it).

5. Don’t forget your accessories!

6. Antique those photos. Maybe you can fool people into thinking you went back in time.

Sweet Dreams

– From the Late Night Desk of Wade and Associates



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Second Sunday at Fringe

Where can you get a pair of gold-heeled Nine West pumps for under $10? Worn only once for a “girl from Robert Palmer video” costume. My inability to walk in high heels is your gain.

Gold-heeled Nine West pumps

Next Sunday (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) I’ll be selling some clothing in the Fringe parking lot with other bloggers and vendors. Here’s a sampling of some things from my closet that are making an appearance. Better come by and snag them! Lots of vintage and a nice little $1 box.

Vintage, vintage, vintage!

Vintage blouse

H&M dress and vintage gold belt

H&M navy blazer

From my boho days

Vintage purple track jacket - you need this

Vintage Bruno Maglis

H&M polka dot scarf and vintage black heels

and more! I’m sure I’ll have parted with more by the end of the week, maybe…

– From the late night desk of Wade & Associates


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Sacramento Fashion Blogger Meet-up October 2011

Yesterday some of the Sacramento fashion bloggers met up to talk about our growing group and upcoming events. Can you believe there are 53 of us on Facebook?!? It’s nice to see so many different personalities and styles present. Of course I love to see how each person’s style is reflected in their shoes. The shoes of each blogger are shown below and the photo links to their website, so pick a pair and explore!

In case you were curious here are mine: My most favorite booties, freshly repaired, with grey tights.

and now for the bloggers!

1. Allison of My Matryoshka Life {}

2. Skylar Mundy of Let It Reign {}

3. Bella of The Citizen Rosebud {}

4. Vivie of Bathroom Conversations {}

5. Loressa of L on Sac {}

6. Kari of Juniper James {}

7. Lindsay Rickman, Fashion Designer Extraordinaire

Unfortunately I did not get a photo of Mary’s shoes before she left so this is a photo from her blog plus a pumpkin! Happy Halloween!

8. Mary of Mary Van Notes {}


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Article Consignment

Tonight at Article Consignment:

“The Savvy Shopper’s Guide to Thrift & Consignment Stores” Book signing with author Jo Anna Philips from 5-7 pm. Champagne, Snacks, & music plus, special offers and discounts!

If you haven’t checked them out yet you are missing out. Not only did I make some major dollars back through consignment but I used some of the funds to purchase these gems.

Vintage cream purse for under $15
Cashmere striped tank for under $15
Polka dot tank $3.




I almost hate to give away one of my new favorite shopping spots but I think there is enough to share.


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Riley Designs Jewelry Trunk Show


Christina Riley

Last week I attended Riley Designs holiday trunk show. The mother/daughter team of Lori and Christina Riley design the local jewelry line which is based out of El Dorado Hills. Their jewelry mixes vintage and modern styles in a way that makes them eternally classic.
Trunk shows are a great way to purchase holiday gifts because items are often discounted. In this case the jewelry was 25 to 50 percent off the regular price.  If you are looking for gifts or just great deals, come check them out at Hot Italian tomorrow night (December 8th) at the Created in California Shopping Tweetup event. Did someone say FREE PIZZA??

You can also see more online at:

Jewelry on display






I understand December is a busy time so for those of you who are still reading I’ll give you my take on jewelry. Personally I think it is better to buy jewelry that is well made and built to last. For example, Riley Designs use sterling silver and 14K gold metals. Particularly for earrings this is much better for sensitive skin and you won’t have to worry about the metal turning into a different color. I purchased a couple of gifts and one piece for myself. I’ve been looking for a lariat necklace. It can be worn several different ways as shown below. This one features green freshwater pearls and quartz stones.



Happy Holidays! Be safe and in good cheer this season.

-From the Desk of Wade and Associates


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Sacramento Farmers’ Market

Sacramento’s Certified Farmers’ Market (CFM) is definitely something you should take advantage of if you are in the area. The market times and locations can be found on the website I find that the produce tastes better than what you can get at the nearest grocery store. One of the most popular markets is the Sunday CFM under the freeway at the corner of 8th and W. This one is open every Sunday from 8 a.m. to noon. It is one of the few that is open year round. There is plenty of parking there and it has the largest selection of the CFM’s in town. In addition to fruits and vegetables you can find fresh flowers, local honey, lavender satchels, meat, fish, eggs and pastries – all from local vendors.

Here are some shots of the flowers:

Sacramento Farmer's Market Fresh Flowers

Sacramento Farmer's Market Fresh Flowers

Sacramento Farmer's Market Fresh Flowers

You wouldn’t believe it but this Sunday I saw the Mayor Kevin Johnson and his fiancée Michelle Rhee. There were a lot of people coming up to him so I snapped a quick photo and went about my merry way.

Kevin Johnson Mayor Sacramento Farmer's Market

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and fiancée Michelle Rhee at the Farmer's Market

And here are some of the items I ended up purchasing. Green onions, Asian pears, mandarins, heirloom cherry tomatoes (also grass-fed beef ribs, eggplant, red-leaf lettuce and spinach but they didn’t make it to the photo shoot). If you haven’t tried Asian pears before I highly recommend them.

Sacramento Farmer's Market Asian Pears

Asian Pears

Sacramento Farmer's Market Asian Pears


Sacramento Farmer's Market Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

Sacramento Farmer's Market

Shop local this holiday season! CFM – perfect for holiday fixins!


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How Bazaar

This Saturday I visited the Midtown Bazaar ( with my accomplice Stephanie. My expectations being unjustifiably high and reminiscent of the chase scene through the Agrabah market in Disney’s Aladdin. I had driven by the event in the warmer months when it was outdoors at 16th and J and it seemed to be quite lively. The Bazaar has since moved indoors with the entrance on I Street between 16th and 17th and seemed to be missing some of the panache I expected. I really think that Second Saturdays are much bigger but the Bazaar could find itself repeatedly struggling on other weekends indoors without some creative marketing to both vendor and customers. That’s just my honest opinion, and it’s not always sunshine and roses and pretty pink ponies.

I do applaud the fact that it’s happening regularly and we did find two diamonds in the rough – Time and Again Fashions and a Moroccan trader.

Time and Again Fashions ( is run by Nora Kniveton who also sells jewelry made from vintage brooches and other pieces under the name Transient Treasures ( Below is a photo of  Steph perusing Time and Again Fashions’  clothing rack. I purchased the beige pointelle-knit cardigan in the front with the scalloped edging.

Nora had a table of vintage clutches and purses in mint condition, more than one with a matching change purse inside.

Steph was a fan of the Moroccan trader. This photo shows his space which features some well-made bags made from leather and pieces of rugs. Now this looks like a Bazaar!

The Verdict – I’ll be back on a Second Saturday for a re-evaluation as I’m hoping to find some things locally for holiday gift giving.


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