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Saturday Adventures in Sacramento

Saturdays are a good day for me to wander around Sacramento at a leisurely pace. First my boyfriend made an amazing breakfast – eggs, country gravy, biscuits, french toast sticks, fresh whipped creme and a green tea chai latte. After a couple rounds of eating, I went to drop off my dry cleaning and decided (unplanned) to go into Summer Porch. The vintage outdoor furniture had caught my eye but the real jewels were inside.

I found a lot of shoes hiding away and snagged some comfy vintage Famolare wave wedges.

Always looking for adjustable or tiny vintage rings and found two and a vintage necklace.

Then I went happily off to Facials by Noelle. She uses an all organic skin care line, Eminence. Everything smells delicious including the daily moisturizer with SPF, which has just a hint of vanilla.

Next off to Hi-Fashion Fabrics to get fabric to make some vintage-patterned wide leg pants. I hope this place never goes out of business because it is the only fabric shop that sells a good amount of usable fabric for cloths – the other shops are all chains that carry mostly broadcloth for quilters. I also picked up fabric and notions for a spring-time apron. The base will be a lilac chiffon with a smaller overlay apron in white cotton with an eyelet trim. Anyways it’s an experiment in making the most fabulous Easter hostess apron that’s ever been seen. Not trying to hype it up or anything.

No perfect day would be complete unless La Garnacha is involved. The burrito has already provided two meals and will be providing a third very soon.

Then off to a wine party where Cory made the tinyest taco in the entire world. I got to wear my new Charlotte Ronson dress with my Kenneth Jay Lane gold hammered earrings – all Gilt-y purchases and my favorite vintage taupe heels.  The fave drink of the women that night was Allure, pink sparkling wine.  Yum.

All in all a good day.


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Article Consignment Boutique

Article Consignment Boutique  5704 Elvas Avenue / Sacramento, CA 95819

Wow – what a little Sacramento gem!

Brought in a load of clothes and they took everything except for a pair of shoes and a vintage dress.  I selected the items very carefully – basically good brands that appeared basically unworn. If you need consignment tips hit me up while my styling rates are non-existent.

I wasn’t too sure about bringing in the Anthropologie dress but I’d worn it one time and the torso is too long for me. It is beautiful though and my decision was justified because I found a slammin’ BCBG dress. Out with the old and in with the new as they say.

I have the following items on consignment so go take a gander if you like:

Marc Jacobs jellies and Seychelles heels

Paige Denim - Love this brand

Shorts from Cuffs - Too fun for me

Vintage Peasant Blouse

Unique Tank from Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Anthropologie Creme Knit Dress with black slip

Found this BCBG dress and that hot Xscape ruched number in the background


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Is this love that I’m feeling?

Is this the love that I’ve been searching for?


The Monaco in black snake emboss leather

Is this love or am I dreaming?
This must be love
cuz it’s really go a hold on me …


The Verian in blue suede

My office manager just told me about these – WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL MY LIFE??!!! I’m in love with Earthies and this love can only be summaried by the lyrics of Whitesnake.


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Pales in comparison …

I wonder … ♪ ♫

Pedro Garcia “Giza” flats in white toscana


I wonder … ♪ ♫

Bloch “Jeanne” flat in sirocco


I wonder why each little bird has a someone?

Pedro Garcia textured flats with bow detail in skin


To sing to … ♪ ♫

Jeffrey Campbell Mention Lip flats in nude


Sweet things to … ♪ ♫

Enzo Angiolini “Nilt” flats in gold glitter


A gay little love melody.

Nino Dolcetti “Jack” bi-color flats


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Silver and Gold

I was commissioned to make some prop shoes for a children’s Christmas play.  The play is “A Shoemaker’s Christmas” which is an adaptation of a story by Leo Tolstoy (here is it called Papa Panov’s Special Christmas). So here is my tutorial on making silver and gold boots for costumes or props.

1. Go Thrifting – Find boots that match the shape that you want (color and material don’t really matter). I started off a basic pair of brown boots and a pair of lace-up boots. I wanted to find lace-ups for a Victorian look but I could only find one pair.

2. Spray Paint and Let Dry – Get really good spray paint plus some newspaper and disposable gloves. I cannot say enough good things about this Montana Gold spray paint. One coat pretty much covered everything. I let them dry for a couple of hours and then touched up a few missed spots. I filled the shoes with newspaper so that they would stand better and it also makes the surface of the boots stand out so they are easier to spray.

3. Glue on Accessories – These were decorated using a hot glue gun and old vintage earrings. At first I glued purple Mardi Gras beads on the side of the silver boots but it looked so 80’s tacky metallic glam I couldn’t stop laughing when I looked at them. I decided to go pretty simple with the accessories on both – letting the bright silver and gold speak for itself.

Happy holiday crafting to all “and to all a good night” …

– From the Desk of Wade and Associates


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My Day in a Nutshell

I’ve been waking up a little earlier because of daylight savings time. Working with second-day hair I attempted a ponytail and I was pretty happy with it. The hair that is wrapped around and hiding the elastic is an extension from a photo shoot. These clip-in extensions are amazing and I recommend working with a stylist to get a color match of your hair.

The Perfect Ponytail

I wore my big winter purchase to work with skinny jeans. The color and fit are amazing.

Leather Knee Boots - Cole Haan Air Oleanna Boots in Dark Woodbury

Then work, work, work and finally it was time to go home.

I found a GIANT pine cone behind the back tire of my car. Throwing any caution of little critters inside to the wind, I put it in my car to use as decoration.

The Giant Pine Cone

I came home to find out that Mr. Moose ate half of an empty Southwest cracker package and a whole bag of walnuts, but it least he wasn’t sick.

Mr. Moose ate a whole bag of walnuts!

... but I can't stay mad at him. Look at his little face.

The tweed jacket I’m wearing really goes with the boots and gives it an equestrian vibe. Best of all, the jacket was free. I found it in a bag on the sidewalk. Some girls moving out below me left it and when I tried to give it back they said they left it out on purpose. I guess they thought someone would take it. It was sort of a consolation prize for them smoking under my AC unit all the time and me having to tell them and their friends to knock it off repeatedly.

Anyways, I got home and was so happy because my eBay purchase arrived. The Elle Collections Autumn/Winter 2010, my absolute favorite magazine! The cover is a mosaic made up of runway shots.

The Only Guide to the New Season

The Mail Delivery! Elle Collections Autumn/Winter 2010

The Fold-Out

The Fold-Out, Take II

The Detail


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Sacramento Fashion Blogger Meet-up Part Deux

Today was the second Sacramento Fashion Blogger meet-up. We started out at the Midtown Bazaar perusing the vendor wares while I was apparently perusing the diversity of shoes among the bloggers (see below). Then we moved over to Streets of London to talk shop over ciders and sodas. If you are looking to explore the range of fashion blogs that Sacramento has to offer, look no farther than a pair of feet. The footwear chosen by each blogger reflects a little bit about their blog, so pick a pair of shoes and go explore!

1. Innovative and Stylish, but really you were pulled in by the cool tights worn by Natale of Evelesco:

2. Polished and Professional, in fact it’s the New Professional by Angeline:

3. Sassy yet Functional, this pair of kickers belongs to Melody from It’s all happening:

4. Daring and Romantic, try out Coco’s blog Muffin Top Baby:

5. Spunky and New, well her blog is new to me at least, so I am excited to start following Nicole of Little Bits of Nikknak:

6. Oh that’s me, silly, Jen from Wade and Associates. I can’t really describe myself. I’ll leave that to objective third parties (which means I’ve run out of adjectives).

7. Thrifted and Lovely, Kari writes for Juniper James: and Thrift Town:

8. Eclectic and Pretty, these cute socks and shoes belong to Bella from The Citizen Rosebud: and Street Style Sacramento:


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