How to Throw a Mad Men Party

1. Set the mood. Stock up on booze and cigarettes. Even if you don’t drink or smoke – just hold a glass and feign the life of a hard-drinking, chain-smoking ad executive.

2. Make the guest list. Find a group of people who like to play dress up.

3. Dress the part dudes. Men, almost any form of dressing up will do. If you decide to think about your outfit for more than 5 seconds try Google.

4. Dress the part ladies with 50s and 60s style cocktail dresses (um I know Mad Men is in the 60s but not a lot of people can tell the difference, just don’t wear a skirt with a poodle on it).

5. Don’t forget your accessories!

6. Antique those photos. Maybe you can fool people into thinking you went back in time.

Sweet Dreams

– From the Late Night Desk of Wade and Associates



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Things you could expect to find at our house

Cory and I have eclectic taste. I imagine the following filling the walls of our house.

Our playful initials

Vintage maps of places to travel

My iPad paintings

Roosters, personal obsession

Anything that would pass as Zombie Apocalypse memorabilia

Wes Anderson related art

Curious Prints of a Biological Nature

and some Holiday Cheer

Happy Holidays from Wade & Associates

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Second Sunday at Fringe

Where can you get a pair of gold-heeled Nine West pumps for under $10? Worn only once for a “girl from Robert Palmer video” costume. My inability to walk in high heels is your gain.

Gold-heeled Nine West pumps

Next Sunday (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) I’ll be selling some clothing in the Fringe parking lot with other bloggers and vendors. Here’s a sampling of some things from my closet that are making an appearance. Better come by and snag them! Lots of vintage and a nice little $1 box.

Vintage, vintage, vintage!

Vintage blouse

H&M dress and vintage gold belt

H&M navy blazer

From my boho days

Vintage purple track jacket - you need this

Vintage Bruno Maglis

H&M polka dot scarf and vintage black heels

and more! I’m sure I’ll have parted with more by the end of the week, maybe…

– From the late night desk of Wade & Associates


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Sacramento Fashion Blogger Meet-up October 2011

Yesterday some of the Sacramento fashion bloggers met up to talk about our growing group and upcoming events. Can you believe there are 53 of us on Facebook?!? It’s nice to see so many different personalities and styles present. Of course I love to see how each person’s style is reflected in their shoes. The shoes of each blogger are shown below and the photo links to their website, so pick a pair and explore!

In case you were curious here are mine: My most favorite booties, freshly repaired, with grey tights.

and now for the bloggers!

1. Allison of My Matryoshka Life {}

2. Skylar Mundy of Let It Reign {}

3. Bella of The Citizen Rosebud {}

4. Vivie of Bathroom Conversations {}

5. Loressa of L on Sac {}

6. Kari of Juniper James {}

7. Lindsay Rickman, Fashion Designer Extraordinaire

Unfortunately I did not get a photo of Mary’s shoes before she left so this is a photo from her blog plus a pumpkin! Happy Halloween!

8. Mary of Mary Van Notes {}


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Florals and Fall

I’m still not over floral prints, vests and boots.

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The comforts of home

My last post was in June. Appalling! Inexcusable! Of course I chose to write a new post during what may be the busiest couple of weeks of work I have ever had in my life. But it is Friday – so that’s something and I’ve learned if you don’t make time for the things that you want to do then you won’t have the time to do them.

Today’s observation is on the topic of coats. Some coats look like house coats. I think there was a wave of no-button coats in the 80s CASE IN POINT:

Exhibit A: Oh the comforts of home!

Tell me that doesn’t look like a robe.

Exhibit B: Okay granted the coat is a better color.

Exhibit C: In case you weren't convinced


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Article Consignment

Tonight at Article Consignment:

“The Savvy Shopper’s Guide to Thrift & Consignment Stores” Book signing with author Jo Anna Philips from 5-7 pm. Champagne, Snacks, & music plus, special offers and discounts!

If you haven’t checked them out yet you are missing out. Not only did I make some major dollars back through consignment but I used some of the funds to purchase these gems.

Vintage cream purse for under $15
Cashmere striped tank for under $15
Polka dot tank $3.




I almost hate to give away one of my new favorite shopping spots but I think there is enough to share.


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