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An Outfit Post … Finally!

The blog has taken a backseat to other endeavors but today I was really proud of my mostly thrift/vintage work outfit so I am sharing it with you. I know you will be jealous about how much some of these pieces actually cost.

the whole thing

  • Ann Taylor Cardigan – $8 from Thrift Town
  • Vintage knit skirt – $1 from Crimson and Clover (yes I found it in the $1 bin!)
  • Vintage necklace – About $8, I forget the exact details of purchase several years ago but it’s still one of my favorites. It reminds me of grandma’s white metal furniture in the garden.
  • The shoes are from a boutique in Santa Cruz and they are not thrifted. I have a really hard time finding thrift/vintage shoes that fit well and stay together but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop looking.

a little detail

Hope you enjoy and don’t shop too hard or this will happen:

putting a chaise in the dressing room is asking for trouble

From the Late Night Desk of Wade and Associates



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A Brief Hiatus

I’ve been on a bit of a respite from the blog.┬áMaybe it’s a New Years thing. I’ve been organizing and cleaning out my closet, reading (gasp! books with words), working on commissioned artwork (okay it’s just a bookmark and a banner). Today I wore my hot pink knit sweater from Crimson & Clover.

It’s one of my favorite purchases among many from the store. I got about a dozen compliments on it today. I think most┬ápeople just find it striking. Have you ever found something interesting and complimented the person wearing it before you were even sure that you liked it? I’m guilty of doing that every once in a while. I guess it’s just a way of saying “Thank you for doing something interesting today – keep it up!”


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Butterfly Headband

I figured out that while I am up posting so late here it is actually 10:00 a.m. Paris time, thus another reason why I should live there someday.

Today I wore a handmade leather butterfly headband from Crimson & Clover boutique (http://crimsonandcloverboutique.blogspot.com/). They have really affordable vintage clothing in Sacramento. I believe this headband is made by one of the owners Nicole of Flaming Hag Folkwear (http://flaminghagfolkwear.blogspot.com/).

It reminds me of vintage leather hair barrettes that my mom gave me. Here is a detail shot:

Photo from Crimson & Clover Blog: http://crimsonandcloverboutique.blogspot.com/

I’ll be visiting the store tomorrow to try to find a necklace for the Neo-Crocker event and excited to see what they have. The other owner Kara of Porkchop Rules (http://porkchoprules.blogspot.com/) makes beautiful necklaces from recycled charms. You’ll see some great examples on her blog.

-From the Late Night Desk of Wade and Associates


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