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Sacramento Fashion Blogger Meet-up Part Deux

Today was the second Sacramento Fashion Blogger meet-up. We started out at the Midtown Bazaar perusing the vendor wares while I was apparently perusing the diversity of shoes among the bloggers (see below). Then we moved over to Streets of London to talk shop over ciders and sodas. If you are looking to explore the range of fashion blogs that Sacramento has to offer, look no farther than a pair of feet. The footwear chosen by each blogger reflects a little bit about their blog, so pick a pair of shoes and go explore!

1. Innovative and Stylish, but really you were pulled in by the cool tights worn by Natale of Evelesco: http://evelesco.blogspot.com/

2. Polished and Professional, in fact it’s the New Professional by Angeline: http://the-new-professional.blogspot.com/

3. Sassy yet Functional, this pair of kickers belongs to Melody from It’s all happening: http://melody-stone.blogspot.com/

4. Daring and Romantic, try out Coco’s blog Muffin Top Baby: http://muffintopbaby.blogspot.com/

5. Spunky and New, well her blog is new to me at least, so I am excited to start following Nicole of Little Bits of Nikknak: http://nikkibit.blogspot.com/

6. Oh that’s me, silly, Jen from Wade and Associates. I can’t really describe myself. I’ll leave that to objective third parties (which means I’ve run out of adjectives).

7. Thrifted and Lovely, Kari writes for Juniper James: http://juniperjames.wordpress.com/ and Thrift Town: http://www.thrifttown.com/blog/

8. Eclectic and Pretty, these cute socks and shoes belong to Bella from The Citizen Rosebud: http://www.thecitizenrosebud.com/ and Street Style Sacramento: http://www.streetstylesacramento.com/



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Shopping and Stuff in Sacramento at September’s Second Saturday

That’s a lot of esses.

Last Saturday was the monthly Second Saturday Art Walk event. I planned to go biking with a friend on the Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento self-guided tour of artists’ studios. First I snuck in some local shopping. I had not been to French Cuff’ Consignment new location since they moved into Krazy Mary’s space. I found a couple vintage things that didn’t fit me but would look great on someone else.

Belted blouses are very flattering and fashionable right now. A bigger size can be worn if it fits in the shoulders. Try changing the belt for a different look.

Vintage pink silky belted blouse with blue trim at French Cuff Consignment.

Fair Isle knits are sometimes described as a trend but they really are a classic look.

Knit Fair Isle sweater vest at French Cuff Consignment.

These shoes are too small for me but are fun to admire and are in mint condition.

Vintage brown slingback platforms at French Cuff Consignment.

After doing some serious buying at Krazy Mary’s (a separate post entirely) I biked over with my friend to several galleries. We saw some live watercolor and wood carving demonstrations and then headed over to Verge Center for the Arts at their new location. I was really inspired by Gioia Fonda’s studio. Sometimes I feel like I need to be a minimalist with my desk space but I think Gioia’s set-up is perfect. Just a little insight into the creative mind.

Gioia Fonda's studio at Verge Center for the Arts


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