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Midnight Posts

Don’t know why but most of my creative ideas occur when I’m working or when I should be sleeping. The blog is taking a backseat to the busiest two weeks of work ever. Tonight I did update Google Reader with all the feeds from Sacramento fashion bloggers that I met at the first Sacramento Fashion Blogger meet-up that Bella of Citizen Rosebud organized at Crimson & Clover. Here’s a look at Google Reader and my computer desktop.

1 Google Reader – A website that aggregates RSS feeds. In non-nerd speak it’s a way to check all of your favorite blogs from one website. I’ve circled my folder of Sacramento Fashion blogs. Now every time someone in this list publishes a new post it will appear as an unread item (similar to unread mail). So instead of checking 13 websites I can just go to Google Reader and see any new posts.

2 Citizen Rosebud – There’s Bella. This is the part of Google Reader where the unread blog posts appear.

3 Desktop Cleanup – This folder is a black hole. We may never know what sorts of things have been dragged into this folder. Basically when the desktop gets cluttery I dump things in here that don’t belong in the other folders.

4 Receipts – When you buy something online or pay bills and that little nagging text on the screen tells you that you should print something out for your records … I save that stuff here as a pdf.

5 Wade and Associates – All draft blog posts, ideas and images for the fashion blog go here. There’s also a boutique business plan in there somewhere.

6 Flight of the Conchords – An essential DVD which is also good for playing in the background when you are blogging.

Well time for sleeping and waking up in about five hours…

-From the Desk of Wade and Associates



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