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Sacramento Fashion Blogger Meet-up Part Deux

Today was the second Sacramento Fashion Blogger meet-up. We started out at the Midtown Bazaar perusing the vendor wares while I was apparently perusing the diversity of shoes among the bloggers (see below). Then we moved over to Streets of London to talk shop over ciders and sodas. If you are looking to explore the range of fashion blogs that Sacramento has to offer, look no farther than a pair of feet. The footwear chosen by each blogger reflects a little bit about their blog, so pick a pair of shoes and go explore!

1. Innovative and Stylish, but really you were pulled in by the cool tights worn by Natale of Evelesco: http://evelesco.blogspot.com/

2. Polished and Professional, in fact it’s the New Professional by Angeline: http://the-new-professional.blogspot.com/

3. Sassy yet Functional, this pair of kickers belongs to Melody from It’s all happening: http://melody-stone.blogspot.com/

4. Daring and Romantic, try out Coco’s blog Muffin Top Baby: http://muffintopbaby.blogspot.com/

5. Spunky and New, well her blog is new to me at least, so I am excited to start following Nicole of Little Bits of Nikknak: http://nikkibit.blogspot.com/

6. Oh that’s me, silly, Jen from Wade and Associates. I can’t really describe myself. I’ll leave that to objective third parties (which means I’ve run out of adjectives).

7. Thrifted and Lovely, Kari writes for Juniper James: http://juniperjames.wordpress.com/ and Thrift Town: http://www.thrifttown.com/blog/

8. Eclectic and Pretty, these cute socks and shoes belong to Bella from The Citizen Rosebud: http://www.thecitizenrosebud.com/ and Street Style Sacramento: http://www.streetstylesacramento.com/


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Midnight Posts

Don’t know why but most of my creative ideas occur when I’m working or when I should be sleeping. The blog is taking a backseat to the busiest two weeks of work ever. Tonight I did update Google Reader with all the feeds from Sacramento fashion bloggers that I met at the first Sacramento Fashion Blogger meet-up that Bella of Citizen Rosebud organized at Crimson & Clover. Here’s a look at Google Reader and my computer desktop.

1 Google Reader – A website that aggregates RSS feeds. In non-nerd speak it’s a way to check all of your favorite blogs from one website. I’ve circled my folder of Sacramento Fashion blogs. Now every time someone in this list publishes a new post it will appear as an unread item (similar to unread mail). So instead of checking 13 websites I can just go to Google Reader and see any new posts.

2 Citizen Rosebud – There’s Bella. This is the part of Google Reader where the unread blog posts appear.

3 Desktop Cleanup – This folder is a black hole. We may never know what sorts of things have been dragged into this folder. Basically when the desktop gets cluttery I dump things in here that don’t belong in the other folders.

4 Receipts – When you buy something online or pay bills and that little nagging text on the screen tells you that you should print something out for your records … I save that stuff here as a pdf.

5 Wade and Associates – All draft blog posts, ideas and images for the fashion blog go here. There’s also a boutique business plan in there somewhere.

6 Flight of the Conchords – An essential DVD which is also good for playing in the background when you are blogging.

Well time for sleeping and waking up in about five hours…

-From the Desk of Wade and Associates


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